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Lecture by Carmen París

Alicante, 18 Februaryt 2019
by Alejandro Ferràndez Mas

Translated by Amie Jo Petherbridge

On  Tuesday, the 5 March at 8 pm, artist Carmen París will be giving a lecture followed by a Q&A session at the University of Alicante Auditorium titled: Neo jota, in which she will be talkingabout her musical career path and her contributions to contemporary “jota” music.

This lecture is part of a series of events organised by the university to celebrate International Women´s Day. Entrance is free of charge by invitation.

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Carmen París

Throughout her career, she has tried to innovate and broaden the range and reach of the Aragonese ”jota”, that she calls the Neo jota, in an attempt to promote this very particular musical genre all around the world by mixing it with other styles such as Jazz, Latin rhythms and English lyrics.

Carmen Paris is one of the only artists that has been able to internationalise something as Spanish as the “jota”. The collection of this composer, pianist and songwriter´s work “En síntesis” is still a national and international hit and at the moment, this artist is gathering all the creativity she needs to produce her next mixed masterpiece.  
She has proven her talent all over the world from Uruguay, Argentina, France, Morocco, India, Romania, Mexico, Italy to Korea and has also collaborated in the creation of songs by Joan Manuel Serrat and Joaquín Sabina.

On several occasions, Carmen París  has even appeared on the big screen in the documentary “Almodóvar, todo sobre ellas” (2016) and in the film “La novia” (2016) directed by Paula Ortiz, in which she sang "Nana del caballo grande" from García Lorca’s renowned: "Blood Wedding".



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