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  • The works of 40 poets and 40 artists displayed at the UA AIFOS exhibition hall

The works of 40 poets and 40 artists displayed at the UA AIFOS exhibition hall

Alicante, 1 March 2019
byAlejandro Ferràndez i Mas

Translated by Amie Jo Petherbridge 

  • Exhibit: 40 anys, quaranta poetes, XL artistes.
  • From the 6 March to the 11 April at the Aifos exhibition hall (Faculty of Arts 3, number 18 on the map). Schedule: Monday to Thursday from 9 to 2 pm and 4 to 7 pm, and Fridays from 9 to 2 pm (tel. 965 90 98 52).
  • The opening ceremony will be held on Wednesday, 6 March at 8 pm. The University of Alicante and University of the Balearic Islands presidents, Manuel Palomar and Llorenç Huguet, will be taking part in the event.
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Words written by 40 poets and artwork created by 40 artists will unite in the AIFOS exhibition hall. 

The exhibit, supervised by Antoni Torres Martorell, has two main goals: to celebrate the 40th anniversary of University of the Balearic Islands with all of the knowledge, teaching, research and culture that has taken place throughout those years as well as promoting artists and writers that share the same historical and linguistic background. Therefore, the exhibit combines the poetry written by forty poets with the works of forty artists.

Out of the forty authors selected to appear in the exhibition, fifteen are from Mallorca, ten from Catalonia, five from the Basque Country, four from Menorca, three from Ibiza and Formentera, one from l’Alguer, one from the North of Catalonia and another from Aragon. Their poetry is combined with works from forty artists, sixteen of which are from Mallorca, six from Ibiza, six from Menorca, five from Catalonia, three from the Basque Country, one from l’Alguer, one from Teruel and another from Andorra.

The Association of Catalan Language Writers, the UIB Department of Catalan Studies, Espacio Octubre, Obra Cultural de l'Alguer as well as the influence of former professor Antoni Artigues have all aided the selection of authors and artists.

The event has been organised in collaboration with the Regional Department of Culture, Participation and Sports of the Balearic Islands Government, the School of Balearic Studies, the Mallorca Department of Culture, Heritage and Sports, the Association of Catalan Language Writers and the Fundació Baleària.



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