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  • 20th Monologue Marathon 'Alone in the face of danger' 2019

20th Monologue Marathon 'Alone in the face of danger' 2019

Alicante, 20 April

By Ana Sánchez Simón

Translated by Alejandro Puertas

The oldest monologue festival in Spain is back. Clan Cabaret club and the UA Office of the Vice President for Culture, Sports and Languages, with the support of the Spanish Contemporary Playwrights Festival, have announced the 19th edition of monologue marathon “Alone in the face of danger”. It  which will be held on 18, 19 and 26 May at 11 p.m. in the above mentioned club. (UA Official Journal -BOUA of 16 April 2018)

You do not need any previous experience to participate. You must  submit your registration before 16 May 2018, at 11:50 p.m.

Summary of the rules

The text must be original, unpublished and written in Catalan or Spanish. The actor or actress performing the monologue does not necessarily have to be the author. Monologues must be maximum 8 minutes long. Staging must be based on their acting skills, to avoid any stage or technical problems.


The most voted for monologues during the preliminary rounds will be performed again at the closing ceremony taking place on Saturday 26 May. Once the ceremony is over, the jury will reveal their decision and the University of Alicante will present the following awards to the finalists.

  • First prize (€400)
  • Second prize (€200)
  • Best Gender Equality Monologue Award (€400). The winner of this award can submit the same monologue again next year.

Prizes will be subject to any applicable taxes as per the ongoing regulations.

Clan Cabaret will also be awarding a series of prizes:

  • Third prize (€100)
  • Pepe Estruch Award to Best Performance (€100). The winner of this award, sponsored by the ACT(UA) project, is chosen by the jury.
  • Public’s Choice - Fernando Chapín “Have a drink” Award. Chosen by the public, the winner of this award gets 20 drinks.

This year, a new award has been added to the list: the SGAE Society Playwriting Award. It will be presented by the jury which will include a representative from the Valencia Region Board of Spanish Society of Authors (SGAE).

  • SGAE Society Playwriting Award (€500). To be eligible, you must be a member of the Spanish Society of Authors (SGAE).

Contestants coming from more than 100 km away are entitled to a €50 grant (if they apply for it and up to a total of €300).

Moreover, every contestant will get a certificate and finalists will get a trophy.


Registration forms must be submitted to any of these (points:

  • Clan Cabaret club (C/ Capitán Segarra, 16. 03004, Alicante)
  • Culture Service’s Cultural Information Point:
  • By e-mail:
  • Through this online form: 

Registration forms must include the following information: name and surname(s), phone number, address, e-mail, a short CV and information about the monologue (title, length, name of the director, author).

If you only wish to participate as an author, you must submit your texts to any of the registration points before 9 May at 11:59 p.m., and write “Text for the Monologue Marathon” as the heading or as the email subject. Please take into account that the monologue cannot last longer than 8 minutes. The organisation will hand over the submitted texts to the performers and help them get in touch with the authors. Only the texts that are performed will be eligible for the Clan Cabaret Best Text Award. If a text is not performed, its author will keep the rights of the monologue and will be authorised to submit it to any future editions of this contest. You can submit as many texts as you like.

The jury reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions given the open and fun nature of the event.

Vote count will be conducted on a percentage basis as the number of people attending the marathon may vary every day, and so may the number of casted votes.



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