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Sundays at MUA. Guided tours and animation for families

Translated by Annabel Alcaide Carmona

Alicante, 20 September 2019

The University of Alicante Museum (MUA) implements once again its programme "Sundays at MUA" with seven proposals for the first academic term. It will be held from Sunday 29 September until Sunday 15 December with a variety of activities such as trivia game on art topics, bibliomancy (the use of books in divination), creation of wild beasts and imaginary cities, also an activity related to art and human rights, a technology scape room and an historic-artistic workshop. All activities are free and a previous registration is required. Open enrolment from the prior Monday of each activity at 8am on Activities will take place from 11am to 12:30pm.


  • Sunday 29 September: "Trivialacant on art topics” is a family version of the well-known question and answer board game “Trivia” between groups, at the MUA facilities. Topics will be focused on art in general, local artists, the Museum and the University- Run by Trivialacant (80 people from 12 years old). 
  • Sunday 6 October: a workshop on contemporary bibliomancy will be given by the art curator Diana Guijarro (20 people from 6 of age) This activity’s proposal is to use the magic of contemporary bibliomancy, with the help of the voice, in order to tell other stories at the exhibition of artistic residences at the MUA.
  • Sunday 20 October: the artist Luisa Pastor will be giving a workshop called “Bestiario”, which is about the creation of new wild beasts through collages (15 children between 7 and 12 years, accompanied by an adult). It is a creative and experimental workshop which involves the use of collages. Participants will create an almanac of new and curious species of fantastic animals. With this project, they will create a personal list of wild beasts and this will make them be aware of new ones in a poetic way. This is a way to reflect on the loss of species that are continuously at risk due to poachers and illegal trafficking.
  • Sunday 10 November: a workshop about city stories, which will be focused on the creation of imaginary cities. It will be given by the people from the proyect Habitando voy, arquitectura creativa (25 children between 6 and 12 years old) The aim of this workshop is to create an imaginary story and to recreate those cities in the photographs of the architect Gaspar Jaén. This activity is part of the photo exhibition “Una mirada arquitectónica” (an architectural look) by Gaspar Jaén at the MUA collection.
  • Sunday 24 November: a workshop about artistic creation and reflection on the surroundings and values, including a tour around the campus and naming places in order to draw attention to human rights. Course given by the teacher and researcher Amparo Alonso, who also has a PhD degree in Specific Didactics. Participants will explore the campus in groups while thinking of suitable names for its streets and squares. The aim of choosing names is to highlight the principles everyone cares about. At the end of this tour, everyone will express their perceptions and decisions and then, everything will be expressed on a map with drawings.
  • Sunday 1 December: “La obra desaparecida” (the missing work) is a technological escape room for families. Run by Robotikids-robótica educativa (36 people from 12 years old). This game will be held at MUA and its exhibitions. The target of this game is to find clues and solve riddles while using robotic technology, a bar code scanner and using virtual reality, among others.
  • Sunday 15 December: "L’art del Mediterrani II” (Mediterranean art) is the second edition of this historic-artistic workshop of creative research while playing. The course is given by Beatriz Rico. In this activity, archaeology is linked to contemporary art through different tecniques using the hands (25 people from 7 years old).



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