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Ceremony of the 20th anniversary of the University of Alicante Museum

Translated by Annabel Alcaide Carmona

Alicante, 13 January 2019

The University of Alicante Museum (MUA) was founded in December 1999. After two decades, this pioneer project celebrates its 20th anniversary while it reaches its 400th exhibition with half a million visitors and 180,000 participants in the workshops and competitions of its educational area. In these years, MUA has managed to set up its own collection with more than 2,000 contemporary artistic works by authors like Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Eduardo Cillida and Eusebio Sempere. Besides, this museum has become a platform and a voice for artistic reflection, dialogue and research around the latest plastic creations. “Mulier Mulieris” and “Pluri-Identitats” visual arts contests show their commitment to diverse and multidisciplinary contemporary artistic creation and UA’s engagement with gender equality and the promotion of respect for sexual affective diversity. MUA has also produced more than 50 travelling exhibitions which take place at national university venues, town halls, culture centres, councils, associations and high schools. Four hundred transfers of those exhibitions have been managed from 2007 to 2019.

The commemoration of this 20th anniversary will be held by the UA with an institutional ceremony that will take place on 23 January at 8pm. The central motif will be the presentation of the book “20 años del MUA” (20 years of MUA).

Professor José Piqueras has completed this book with a look at the evolution of MUA, its history, directors, own and hosted exhibitions, curators, artists, collection, etc. It also includes numerous historical photographs. This event will gather MUA presidents who started the MUA , culture vice presidents and its three heads, Antonio Ramos (2001-2005); Mauro S. Hernández (2005-2012); and Faust Ripoll (2012-present), as well as the MUA usual collaborating institutions, representatives of Alicante’s museums, artists, curators and a long list of academic and cultural figures.


MUA has already opened to the public an exhibition on the 20 years of the MUA collection (“20 years. MUA collection”) at the Arcadi Blasco exhibition hall. This exhibition shows 20 representative pieces of its most famous collections, which can be visited until 29th July 2020.


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