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SOV film series at San Fernando University Venue: Kirk Douglas Eterno

Translated by Irene Nieva Moratalla

Alicante, 15 October 2020. By María Asunción Soria Pastor.

New SOV film series to commemorate actor Kirk Douglas’ death this year 2020.

Well-known American actor, producer, and also father of actor Michael Douglas, Kirk Douglas, whose real name is Issur Danielovitch Demsky, was born in New York in 1916. His interpretation of painter Vincent van Gogh in (1956) Lust for Life, and as the main character in Stanley Kubrick’s film Spartacus (1960) stand out among the roles he played. In 1996, he was rewarded with an Academy Honorary Award for his extensive and renowned career. After actress Olivia de Havilland, he was the longest-lived survivor among the actors of classical Hollywood cinema, as only they exceeded the age of 100.

Israel Gil, from the UA Film Club, coordinates this activity, which is open to everyone. All films will be shown in original version with Spanish subtitles, so it can be a good opportunity for language learning. Subsequently, a Q&A session with the attendees will be held.



Tuesday 27 October at 7 p.m. ACE IN THE HOLE, Billy Winder (1951)

Length: 111 min.

Language: English.

Genre: Drama, Film noir, and Journalism.


Charles Tatum is an unscrupulous journalist who is going through a bad patch because of his alcohol addiction. For this reason, he has been forced to work for a small New Mexico newspaper. When an Indian miner gets trapped in a tunnel, Tatum sees an opportunity to succeed in the world of journalism again. Then, in complicity with the town sheriff, he not only turns the case into a show but also delays the rescue as much as possible.





Tuesday 3 November at 7 p.m. THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, Vincente Minnelli (1952)

Length: 114 min.

Language: English.

Genre: Drama, Melodrama, and Film in film.


A tyrannical and manipulative film producer (Kirk Douglas), who has fallen out of favour, asks for help from a director (Barry Sullivan), an actress (Lana Turner) and a scriptwriter (Dick Powell), whom he helped to succeed, but who have plenty of reasons to hate him. All three will reproach him for his unscrupulousness in achieving success regardless of the people he betrayed or deceived.






Tuesday 17 November 7 p.m. GUNFIGHT AT THE O.K. CORRAL, John Sturges (1957)

Length: 122 min.

Language: English.

Genre: Western:


Wyatt Earp, the Dodge City sheriff, meets again with John "Doc" Holliday, a drunk and tuberculous gambler whose life he once saved. Together they will have to face the Clanton gang, a powerful family feared by everyone.






Tuesday 24 November 7 p.m.
 THERE WAS A CROOKED MAN..., Joseph L Mankiewicz (1970)

Length: 123 min. 

Language: English.

Genre: Western, Comedy, and prison Drama.


1883. A group of convicts is sent to the federal prison in Arizona. Among them is Paris Pitman (Kirk Douglas), a man who has buried a loot worth half a million dollars in the desert and lives with the obsession of breaking out of prison to get it back. To this aim, he tries to convince several prisoners to back him up and, at the same time, he tries to gain the new governor's trust.  






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