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  • The UA Auditorium hosts the screening of 'L..e Guillem' coinciding with Human Rights Day

The UA Auditorium hosts the screening of 'La mort de Guillem' coinciding with Human Rights Day

Translated by Irene Nieva Moratalla
Sant Vicent del Raspeig, 27 de noviembre de 2020

The University of Alicante (Languages and Culture services) and the association for the standardisation of Catalan La Cívicaare organising the screening of the film "La mort de Guillem" next Thursday 10 December at 7 p.m. at the UA Auditorium, coinciding with the celebration of the Human Rights Day.

The event is organised by the UA Culture and Language Volunteering Programme and will consist of the film screening and a subsequent discussion with the participation of actor Jany Collado, who plays Guillem, Maria Martí, who plays Ana Estellés, and the producer of SUICAfilms Pepe Andreu.

Seating is limited and tickets can be collected at

The film tells the story of the mourning of Guillem Agulló’s parents’ and their struggle to prevent the manipulation of their son's death, who was a young anti-fascist and pro-independence activist murdered by a far-right group on 11 April 1993 in Montanejos, in the Alt Millars Valencian county. It is directed by Carlos Marqués-Marcet and stars Jany Collado, Pablo Molinero, Glòria March, Mar Linares, and Bàrbara Calatayud.

The film was premiered on 24 August 2020 at the Málaga Spanish Film Festival and it succeeded in the third edition of the audiovisual awards Premis de l'Audiovisual Valenciàorganised by the Valencian Regional Department of Education, Culture and Sport on 22 November. There it received three awards: Best Feature Film, Best Leading Actress, for Glòria March, and Best Screenplay, for Alfred Pérez Fargas and Roger Danés.


"La mort de Guillem" is a production by Lastor Media, SUICAfilms, and Som*Batabat Producciones, in co-production with TV3 and À Punt Media. It has received financial support from the Valencian Regional Department of Education, Culture and Sports, the Valencian Institute for Culture, the Catalan Institute for Cultural Industries, the Balearic Islands Television, the Valencian Regional Department of Participation, Transparency, Cooperation and Democratic Quality, and Verkami, a Spanish platform that uses crowdfunding to get financing to start projects.


La mort de Guillem

Guillem Agulló i Salvador, an eighteen-year-old militant of the pro-independence left and against fascism, was stabbed in the heart by a group of neo-Nazis on 11 April 1993. His devastated parents, Guillem and Carme, will fight on so that their son's death is not manipulated and considered the result of a simple gang fight. The family is about to be shattered along the road, full of obstacles and threats, and amid a dirty media war. However, they will have to learn to live with mourning for their son's death while fighting for his memory, which, little by little, becomes the symbol of a cause that they would never have thought they would lead.


Director: Carlos Marqués-Marcet

At only 36 years old, the Barcelona director of films and multi-award winning series such as "10,000 km", "Anchor and Hope", "The Days to Come", "En casa” (At home), "13 días de octubre” (13 October days), "Escenario 0" (Stage 0), and "En el corredor de la muerte” (On death row), stands behind the camera to reflect and make us think about the events that have taken place since the death of the young Guillem Agulló Salvador.

During his short career, Marqués-Marcet has won awards such as the Goya Award for Best New Director, three Gaudí Awards (two for Best Film and one for Best TV-Movie), two Biznagas at the Málaga Spanish Film Festival, the Sant Jordi Award, the El Ojo Crítico Award, as well as numerous selections at the world’s most renowned international film festivals.


"La mort de Guillem" is the main action of the initiative #LaLluitaContinua , a campaign of social and political impact that takes as its starting point Guillem Agulló Salvador, the figure of his murder, and the subsequent trial of the case for:

  • Promoting Guillem Agulló's memory.
  • Denouncing the impunity of the far-right over the past 40 years.
  • Claiming the historical struggle against fascism in Spain.
  • Warning of the rise of renewed xenophobic and racist discourses that have once again been installed at the centre of the political and social debate.


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