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ACUA cultural programme of performing arts for academic year 2020-2021 first semester

Translated by Irene Nieva Moratalla

Alicante, Monday 28 September 2020

The University of Alicante presents its ACUA cultural programme of performing arts for the months of October to December 2020. Ten cultural proposals that include theatre, music, dance, and circus will take place at the UA Auditorium.

On Wednesday 14 October, the programme will start at the Auditorium with a theatre performance entitled Las Bruxas de Macbeth, by the company Centro TNT / Atalaya. Due to the health crisis, the premieres of the UA Dance, Theatre, and Music clubs were postponed last May. But now they will take place and include a show of acrobatics and humour and the winter concert of the UA Choir.

In this edition, in order to comply with the relevant safety measures, wearing face masks will be compulsory and the Auditorium will only provide individual 182 seats with a safety distance of 1.5 metres from each other. See measures to comply with the instructions given by health authorities before the COVID-19 at the Auditorium during the performances.


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Wednesday 14 October - 8 p.m. - UA Auditorium
Las Bruxas de Macbeth (The Weird Sister), by the Cía. Centro TNT / Atalaya company - Theatre

ACUA starts! We invite you to the theatre performance Las Bruxas de Macbeth. 

The fourth creative women contest of the Juno a la Tardor cycle, which takes part in different places of the Region of Valencia, brings Las Bruxas de Macbeth to the Auditorium, by the Sevillian company Atalaya-TNT.

"Three witches rise from the grave to perform the play Macbeth before the public once again. One of them refuses to follow the established script and invokes goddess Hecate before time, who indicates that they must enter the heart of the respectable. Then, they decide to introduce themselves to the public with the names that Shakespeare never gave them and to demonstrate that they could never develop their own vital script because of the terrible witch-hunt that took place from the Middle Age to the 17th century. This show amuses and pinches alike."

Through the characters of Macbeth's witches, this staging deals with themes that directly concern the female gender, but which in some way form part of the essence of all human beings; our virtues and miseries, our successes and failures, our doubts and certainties... The duality that always accompanies the human being.

Entrance is by invitation-only

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Friday 16 October - 8 p.m. - UA Auditorium
Medea, by the UA Theatre Club - Theatre

After the good reception of "Contra l'amor", Xiomara Wander-Berghe now leads the classical group of the UA Theatre Club to present Medea, following Andrés Lima's version of texts by Seneca. After the postponement of its premiere in May, Medea is staged for the first time at the Auditorium.

A stormy and too cold autumn shrinks its tender branches. Suddenly, as always, a bolt of lightning shatters the certainties. How do you look at a tree that has become a coffin?

This play offers a new vision of a textuality pierced by the darkness and helplessness of a woman who rejects the compassion of others and, above all, self-pity. An experience that invites you to immerse yourself in the universe of a human being who has crossed the threshold of pain and despair.

Further information. Follow @medea_ua on Instagram.

Language: Valencian.

Entrance is by invitation-only



Wednesday 21 October - 8 p.m. - UA Auditorium
Fuego Salvaje (Wild Fire), by the Cía. Piensa en Wilbur company - Circus

The 11th Circus Festival CircArte arrives at the UA Auditorium with the acrobatic and humorous show Fuego Salvaje.

"From a sensitivity as risky as any extreme sport, Wilbur presents an initiatory journey about the reconquest of the being and of the body itself, a battle of titans between the character, Wilbur, and the person, Victor Ortiz de la Torre, a face-to-face between a clown with drooping shoulders and physically weak who deeply accepts being who he is, and a handsome and ex-millionaire high competition gymnast, who still presumes to have been the Spanish champion during the 1960s.

Everything one can imagine will happen in Fuego Salvaje, will not happen, as this show breaks all possible expectations. It is not a dangerous show, but a brutally revealing, cruel and loving one."

Director: Rolando San Martín.

Clown: Victor Ortiz (Wilbur). Dramaturgy: Rolando San Martín and Victor Ortiz (Wilbur). A production by the family circus PIENSA EN WILBUR .

Tickets: €10

Further information and full programme of CIRCARTE 2020 (15 to 25 October in Alicante) in 

Further information 


Friday 23 October - 8 p.m. - UA Auditorium
Un bell cadáver (A Beautiful Corpse), Aula de Teatro de la UA - Teatro

How do young people deal with death?

At the height of the adolescent turmoil, a group of young people are trying to grow up in the middle of an increasingly hostile forest.

It is difficult to put down roots in any high school. Stress, anxiety, fear of disappointment, insecurities... do not allow them to stop and reflect on their surroundings. About what is happening to them from the bark inwards.

A stormy and too cold autumn shrinks its tender branches. Suddenly, as always, a bolt of lightning shatters the certainties. How do you look at a tree that has become a coffin?

In the words of the director, Iván Jiménez:

This is a show aimed at young people, their families, teachers..., a play in which characters show their lack of emotional and social tools to deal with something as fundamental as death.

Drama and tragedy beat under the bark of the characters in the format of a youth comedy, Life seeps through their cracks. Eighteen actresses and actors play and bring to life the soundtrack of this madness, which shows us a lost generation. A generation desperately seeking answers for the important questions.

This show is the result of a totally collective work. Students of the UA Theatre Club have been in charge of the creation of the text, the process of creation, the costume design and the realization of the scenery. More than 23 people have been part of this project and have been involved in all production tasks.

We believe that the theme of this play is more necessary than ever. Unfortunately. We are living in difficult strange times, and we have to be aware that we are surrounded by people who are living an inner hell. 

We have been fortunate to have wonderful advisors in the process of text creating. Associations, teachers and medical professionals helped us along the way.

We have to meet. To talk. To listen. The solution starts there.

Director: Iván Jiménez.

Language: Valencian.

Entrance is by invitation-only

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Wednesday 28 October - 8 p.m. - UA Auditorium
El festí de les bèsties (The Beasts' Feast), by the UA Contemporary Dance Club - Dance

"Given the daily duality between rationality and spirituality in which we normally live, this piece starts from the exploration of the subconscious mind, of the wildness of the human being, where attractions and fears are confronted. Thus, this dance work is woven between the parallel stories of different characters who face a Dionysian journey, where social norms and taboos do not exist. That allows them to let repressed and uncontrollable feelings emerge, unleashing their action from desire, love, hate, repression, and hope."

According to the director, Carlos Peñalver, this is a show that promises to take the audience back to a baroque era, as a "great waltz" of nobles at court. It is very festive and elegant. They are dancing with each other and reach a point where they leave rationality to focus on spirituality, on maximum plenitude, on seeking sensations. There are jumps, physical actions between them, and well-crafted costumes. Stately but also daring, very animalistic. A very contemporary baroque.

For this premiere, the University of Alicante Philharmonic Orchestra will be a special guest.

The UA Dance Club took its first steps in the 2015-2016 academic year. Its main goal is to bring all types of dance closer to the university community by training (workshops in different styles and techniques), promoting productions, and participating in shows aimed at all audiences.

Director: Carlos Peñalver.

Entrance is by invitation-only

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Wednesday 4 November - 8 p.m. - UA Auditorium 
Gente que habla sola (People Who Talk to Themselves), by the UPUA Theatre Club  - Theatre

"The urban landscape has been filled, little by little, with people who talk to themselves. Actually, they do not speak to themselves. Presumably, they talk to someone, but the phone they are talking on has become more and more invisible. So, it seems as if our streets have become a huge psychiatric corridor. Gente que habla sola shows the loneliness which is hidden behind the apparent excess of communication that surrounds us.

Begoña Tenés directs the UPUA Theatre Club on a text by Alicante dramatist Juan Luís Mira.

Entrance is by invitation-only

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Wednesday 11 November - 8 p.m. - UA Auditorium
Delirium, by Teatro del Contrahecho company - Theatre

The theatre festival of Spanish contemporary authors returns to the UA Auditorium as part of the ACUA cultural programme. In this 26th edition, the play Delirium, by the Valencian company Teatro del Contrahecho, will be performed.

"Let us invite you to be delirious, to take a trip to the dark side and try not to cover your eyes when you see what you did not want to see, what we also are but we do not want to be: insecurities, fears, dissatisfaction, and cowardice...all those things that made us raise the penultimate glass and lose control at some point ." Who are we when we lose control? Was what happened between hangovers and drunkenness life?"

Translation of a text by Marcos Luis Hernando.

Direction, translation, and playwriting Isabel Martí.

Actors and actresses: Rosanna Espinós, Pilu Fontán, Ernesto Pastor, Alberto Baño and María Poquet.

Language: Valencian.

Online ticket sales

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Wednesday 18 November - 8 p.m. - UA Auditorium
Neanderthal, by David Vento Dancetheatre company - Dance Theatre Music

"Neanderthal is a dreamlike and exhaustive experience of the object in relation to the human being, its entity, effectiveness, and symbolism. A journey that connects primitive and contemporary man.

Neanderthal proposes a scenic and sound journey in which we rediscover our primitive and contemporary forms, the influence of ritual in the transmission of messages of a tribal nature. How today's man deals with information, which rites he finds, invents, or recycles, and how he transforms himself by assimilating them and trying to oppose, evade or perpetuate them."

David Vento's company joins the musician Silberius de Ura "Neonymus" in this new work, Neanderthal. The potential of all of them and the number of disciplines they explore and master in their works (dance, breaking, circus arts, physical theatre), along with the collaboration of Logela Multimedia, result in a unique and powerful creative experience, which asks: How will the civilization that succeeds us see us? 

FETEN 2020 Award to the best night show.

Tickets: €5

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Tuesday 24 November - 8 p.m. - UA Auditorium
Margarida, by Las Libélulas company - Theatre

In commemoration of Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25 November), the UA Auditorium presents Margarida, a theatre production by the Murcian company Las Libélulas, based on Rubén Rodríguez Lucas' work, which won 1st Federico García Lorca Prize of the University of Granada for the best dramatic text.

Based on real facts, Margarida tells the story of Miguel, a teenager who discovers Margarida Borràs, a trans woman in medieval Valencia, and their struggle for freedom.

"We live surrounded by labels. We have our box ready from the very moment we are born and any attempt to get out of there can be traumatic. It is not easy being oneself and it is even more complicated when you think completely outside the box. Margarida was executed and forgotten for centuries. Her name vanished like a drop of blood in the sea, but it resurfaces stronger than ever to belong now to a new being, to Michael. Margarida is presented as a dialogue through time, a dialogue between past and present, between pain and ecstasy, between crying and smiling."

Margarida was premiered at the Russafa Escènica Festival in 2018.

Tickets: €5

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Wednesday 2 December - 8 p.m. - UA Auditorium
Winter Concert, by the UA Choir - Music

The ACUA programme for this semester ends on Wednesday 2 December with the traditional winter concert by the UA Choir. The Choir will offer a programme made up of great songs of all time, and there will be no lack of popular carols.

Director: Shlomo Rodríguez.

Entrance is by invitation-only

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