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Medea, by the UA Theatre Club

 Translated by Andrea Herrera Cózar

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Actuaciones de Medea de marzo a junio de 2021



Medea, the production that the UA Theatre Club classical group prepared during the academic year 2019-2020, premiered at the Auditorium on 16 October 2020.

This play achieved nominations for best staging, best direction, best audiovisual production, best supporting actress and best leading actress, Sara Campaña as Medea, and Aitana García San Juan as Corifea, in the awards of the 5th National University Theatre Festival 2020.

"How far would we go for love? What would you be capable of in case of betrayal and repudiation?"

A day to say goodbye, a farewell for Medea to have everything she sacrificed her life taken away from her, her family and her homeland.

Medea by Andrés Lima is the most direct and honest text of tragedy to date, based on the texts of Seneca. It is true that today we prefer Roman rather than Greek. It is driven by the phrase from the classic "There is no greater pain than Love".  Medea makes us think about love and how destructive it can be. It is a story through the voice of a woman, of her inability to make a decision. Medea, the foreigner, is condemned to wander the Earth because she is useless to the kingdom; she is disowned out of fear; she is condemned in the same way that she condemned her destiny to follow in the footsteps of Jason, the person for whom she betrayed everything she loved except her unconditional love for him. Medea, yet another victim of romantic love, a woman who, for the first time in Greek tragedy, takes control of her own destiny. We are spectators and judges of this cruel murder and, in the end, it contrasts beauty and the darkest side of the human being".

Director: Xiomara Wander-Berghe

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Interview with director Xiomara Wander-Berghe about Medea, 18 May 2020 on Radio UA:




Video presentation at the UA Museum:


Rehearsals of Medea before the postponement of its premiere in May 2020:


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medea 6
medea teatro
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