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  • ACUA Performing Arts Programme from April to June 2021

ACUA Performing Arts Programme from April to June 2021

Alicante,  22 April 2021

The University of Alicante ACUA performing arts programme resumes live performances for the months of April to June 2021 and presents nine cultural proposals for theatre and music, which will take place in the University Auditorium.

The programme will kick off in the Auditorium on Wednesday 28 April with the concert Espremedors, by the Valencian ska, punk and alternative music group La Fúmiga, and will end with the UA Choir's Spring Concert on Wednesday 9 June.

In order to comply with the relevant safety measures, the Auditorium will only provide 194 individual seats, keeping 1.5 metres distancing and with compulsory use of masks: See measures to comply with the COVID-19  instructions of the health authorities in the Auditorium during the performances

In addition, between mid-May and early June, 3 new exhibitions will be open to the public at the University of Alicante Museum (MUA).

Tickets and invitations (available from 23 April at 2 p.m.):

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April 2021

 May 2021

  • Wednesday 19 May - 7 pm
    Tesa in concert
    Music/ Free admission by invitation/ Language: Catalan

June 2021


Wednesday 28 April - 7 pm- UA Auditorum

 La Fúmiga in concert presents Espremedors

The colourful Valencian ska, punk and alternative pop band La Fúmiga, created in 2011 in Alzira, has hit hard with their first album, Espremedors (Halley 2019), with millions of plays on digital platforms. Espremedors has earned them the Carles Santos prize, awarded by the public, and the Ovidi Montllor award for Best Mestizaje Album 2020. La Fumiga is one of the most successful bands on the Valencian music scene, reproducing on the Valencian scene the phenomenon, already known elsewhere, of bringing groups made up of wind and percussion instruments from the street to the stage. They perform an energetic and encouraging show with their particular fusion of styles which has led them to become a regular feature at the main festivals and concerts on the music circuit.

Language: Catalan.

Admission €10

Further information

Tuesday 4 May - 7 pm - UA Auditorium

Èdip, Bambalina Teatre Practicable

The theatre company from Valencia, Bambalina Teatre Practicable, presents its adaptation of Oedipus, by Sophocles, in a version and direction by Jaume Policarpo.  

Oedipus has become king of Thebes after defeating the Sphinx and marrying Iocasta, the widowed queen of Laius. Without knowing it, Oedipus has married his mother. A terrible plague has devastated Thebes, and Oedipus seeks the cause of the misfortune by consulting the oracle of Apollo at Delphi and Tiresias, the diviner priest of Thebes. The answer is clear: the plague will end when the death of Laius has been avenged.

The trajectory of Bambalina Teatre Practicable is featured by its continuous search for the identity of the marionette, integrating actors, puppets, objects and image on stage.

Language: Catalan.

Admission €5

Further information


Wednesday 5 May - 7 pm - UA Auditorium

 El Diluvi in concert: Els amants, 25 anys de vacances. Tribute to Ovidi Montllor

El Diluvi, the Mediterranean mestizo musical group from Alcoià, presents the tour Els amants, a new personal look that meets again with that of Ovidi Montllor, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of his death. 

Born in 2011, their proposal surprised from the beginning thanks to an update of the musical poems of Ovidi Montllor, passed through the folk filter, with a very personal female voice at the front and instruments such as the bandurria and the violin.

El Diluvi's latest album Junteu-vos (2019 Halley Records) is a revolution of their most daring  well-known festive folk, with lyrics that appeal to the community work, to helping each other and, once again, to Ovidi Montllor's classic "Junteu-vos". With it, the group followed the path opened by the LP's Alegria (2015 CC) and Ànima (2017 CC), where they naturally fused different musical styles such as cumbia, reggae, rumba and roots folk.

Their tour Els amants is now a way of reinventing themselves, recovering the essence of their beginnings and, at the same time, paying a particular tribute to their great master and inspiration: Ovidi Montllor.

Language: Catalan.

Admission: €10

Further information  


Wednesday 12 May - 7 pm - UA Auditorium

Infanticida. Electronic Opera

"Nela has just committed a crime. She finds herself alone in a cold police station where she is to explain what happened and why it happened. The reconstruction of the events intermingles with her inner world and she herself reviews the details of her story in an attempt to relive it, to grasp it so that it does not escape, to understand what has happened".

Playwright and stage director Marc Rosich and pianist and composer Clara Peya  have created this electronic opera, Infanticida, inspired by the work of Víctor Català (pseudonym of Caterina Albert), a monologue in which the main character narrates the hardest and cruelest chapter of his life. 

Neus Pàmies and Gerard Marsal perform the text and live music for this play, directed by Marc Angelet.

Language: Catalan.

Free admission by invitation

Further information


Wednesday 19 May - 7 pm - UA Auditorium

Tesa in concert

The University of Alicante and the UA Student Coucil are organising this concert featuring Valencian rapper Tesa. She has a unique style that has made her a benchmark on the Valencian urban scene. Her music, which mixes classic hip-hop with electronic music and other urban influences, is based on three fundamental constants: Roots, Feminism and Fiesta. Tesa stands out for being one of the few women actively dedicated to the dissemination and vindication of rap in Catalan (within the region of Valencia).

Language: Catalan.

Free admission by invitation

Further information


Tuesday 25 May - 7 pm - UA Auditorium

Cor i Terra, UA Theatre Club

Cor i Terra is a research and collective project on ecology and the environment by the UA Theatre Club that seeks to reconnect human beings emotionally with the natural environment.

In the words of its director Iván Jiménez: "In this exceptional context of pandemic, the slogan 'let's take care of ourselves, take care of yourself and take care of the rest' has become fashionable lately. Our show is not about saving the planet, it's about saving us, humanity. We are deciding individually and collectively to continue with this consumerism that is causing us unhappiness and, moreover, is destroying our environment. Maybe the human species can survive, but what kind of world will we have in 50 years' time? We will not be able to turn back the clock. The time to start the change is now, and we need to understand this on an emotional level. We need to make our lands fertile again. We need to put down emotional roots in our environment. If we feel the Earth as our own, we will be able to take care of it knowing what we are taking care of. Another world is possible, but it needs the collaboration of everyone on a social and individual level".

Language: bilingual in Catalan and Spanish.

Free admission by invitation

Further information


Tuesday 1 June - 7 pm - UA Auditorium

Fuenteovejuna 2040, UA Theatre Club

Fuenteovejuna 2040 is a free version of the collective work made by the UA Theatre Club based on one of the best plays by Lope de Vega.

"We rely on the version by Juan Mayorga, who masterfully wrote it for La Joven Compañía, adding scenes in prose written by the students themselves that enhance the understanding of the play. It features some amazing performances and includes live music.  

Fuenteovejuna 2040 is honour, it is the power of the collective character in the face of a particular injustice. It tells us about the first woman, our main character Laurencia, who rebelled against the abuses of the Knight Commander in the Golden Age.  

The UA Theatre Club students take us to a world, in year 2040, where the earth is flooded and Fuenteovejuna happens again.  

What will the media say about this situation?"

Free admission by invitation

Further information


Tuesday 8 June - 7 pm - UA Auditorium

La Marquesa Rosalinda, UPUA Theatre Club

La Marquesa Rosalinda is a modern adaptation of Valle-Inclán's namesake work.

This emotional and grotesque farce tells the story of the Marquise Rosalinda, who, bored with the life she leads, is seduced by Harlequin (or is it she who seduces him?), to the despair of her husband, the Marquess. The latter, driven by jealousy, imprisons his wife in a convent. The Marquise eventually accepts her fate and Harlequin returns, defeated, to his comic role with Colombina. This time, it was not to be. Who knows if in another, more propitious time ...

Adaptation: Begoña Tenés. UPUA Theatre Club.

Free admission by invitation

Further information

Wednesday 9 June - 7 pm - UA Auditorium

Spring Concert, UA Choir

The University of Alicante Choir presents a concert full of novelties and suggestions to put an end to this complicated year. The proposal made by the UA Choir, conducted by Shlomo Rodríguez, is marked by a very varied and diverse repertoire, which includes pieces of different styles, periods, cultural and musical traditions: works by Valencian composers, pieces by Albinoni and Fauré, opera, pieces adapted from pop and classical musicals. All this with the collaboration of members of other university music groups, such as the University of Alicante Philharmonic Orchestra.

Free admission by invitation

Further information



MUA Exhibitions

The University of Alicante Museum (MUA) has programmed three new exhibitions that will be open to the public until mid-July:

  • Mid-May: Les Rodes de la Memòria. Exhibition by artist Ramón Pérez Carrió, from Alicante. COOL Hall.
  • Mid-May-early June: Donde se nace, donde se muere. Exhibition by Elena Aguilera, artist from Alicante. Sempere Hall.
  • Early June: 21st Contemporary Art Encounters Competition, organised with the Alicante Culture Institute Juan Gil-Albert. 






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