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Antoni Miró Research Chair New Exhibitions

Translated by Andrea Herrera Cózar

Alicante, 6 May 2021

The Antoni Miró Research Chair launches a new cycle of three exhibitions that focus on photography and painting, especially linked to the Valencian context, including tributes to two important figures. The exhibitions can be seen in Alcoy from May to June: Heterodòxia at the Ovidi Montllor Centre, Sentografies, Sento Masià at the Alcoy Cultural Centre, and La camera i la vida, Francesc Jarque at the Sant Jordi fish market.


Maria Barber, Xavier Belda, Toni Cano, Georgina Mollà, Pepe Vidal

Heterodòxia comes from the Photography Tutorial Course that Xavier Mollà held in 2018 with a group of amateur photography students. For a year and a half, Mollà accompanied them in the process of searching for their identity as photographers. The result is this exhibition that reflects the different perspectives of each of those who took part in the project.

Xavier Mollà (1962, Onteniente) is a photographer and photography teacher. He has an extensive career in the world of photography and teaches art at the Miguel Hernández University in Elche, while continuing his job as a photographer. He has exhibited his work throughout Europe, the Soviet Republics, China and the United States. 

Access to the exhibition catalogue.

Cartel Heterodòxia


«Sentografies, Sento Masià»
J.C. Arañó, Mercé Massana, Antoni Miró, Toni Moreno

  • From 5 May to 30 June 2021
  • Monday to Friday, from 9am. to 2pm. and from 4pm. to 8.30pm.
  • Alcoy Cultural Centre

Sentografies, Sento Masià brings together the creative career of the recently passed away painter Vicent Masià Mengual, better known as Sento Masià. The exhibition, a tribute by artists who knew and worked with the painter, reflects Masià’s political and transgressive outlook, as well as bringing together a large part of what is now his artistic legacy. The exhibition aims to highlight and immortalise Masià’s work.

Vicent Masià Mengual (1940, Alcoy - 2020, Barcelona) was an artist and art teacher. He studied at the Sant Carles School on Fine Arts in Valencia and the Sant Jordi School of Fine Arts in Barcelona. Always involved with his hometown, together with the painter Antoni Miró, he founded the group Alcoiart, known for its interest in the impact of the art in the social, cultural and political spheres. In Molins de Rei, he founded the School of Fine Arts and promoted the project l’Espai Molí-1, whose aim was to transform the old Ferrer i Mora Factory into a collective workshop open to artistic and cultural activities. His dedication to art led him to collaborate and interact with renowned artists, singer-songwriters, poets and thinkers who enriched his work.

Access to the exhibition catalogue.

 Cartel Sentografies


«La càmera i la vida, Francesc Jarque»
Tania Castro, Antoni Miró, Ricard Pérez Casado

  • From 5 May to 29 June 2021
  • Tuesday to Saturday from 11.30am. to 1.30pm. and from 5.30pm. to 8.30pm. Sunday from 11.30am. to 1.30pm.
  • Sant Jordi fish market in Alcoy

La càmera i la vida is the title of the tribute to the Valencian Photographer Francesc Jarque. Through Jarque’s camera, the history of society is told: customs, culture and experiences. A collection of more than 200 original photographs, the first ones with a strong influence of the Italian neorealist style, which reflect the everyday life of Spain in the 1970s, the rural world, and the different festivities in the villages. The exhibition reflects the artist’s interest in keeping historical memory alive through his work.

Francesc Jarque (1940, Valencia - 2016) was a photographer and teacher. He began as a self-taught photographer and studied at the Valencia School of Arts and Trades, where he later worked as a teacher, combining his work with being the art director at an advertising agency. He was widely recognised for his dissemination work, and his photographs have been used by journalists, writers and historians. In 1981, after being sentenced to prison for refusing to hand over images of a demonstration that had not been authorised, the Region of Valencia Journalist Union awarded him with a Freedom of Expression Award. His work has received a Special Photography Award in the 4th Túria Awards and in 1998 the ‘Cavanilles’ Award from the Valencia Excursion Centre. In 2016 he was named Favourite Son of Valencia.

Access to the exhibition catalogue.

Cartel La càmera i la vida









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