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  • Exhibition 'Donde se nace, donde se muere' by Elena Aguilera at the MUA

Exhibition 'Donde se nace, donde se muere' by Elena Aguilera at the MUA

Translated by Andrea Herrera Cózar

Alicante, 31 May 2021


  • Exhibition ‘Donde se nace, donde se muere’ by Elena Aguilera, curated by Juan A. Roche Cárcel. From 4 June to 18 July – Sempere MUA Exhibition Hall. Opening 4 June, at 6pm.



The University of Alicante Museum MUA hosts the exhibition ‘Donde se nace, donde se muere’ (Where one is born, where one dies) by Elena Aguilera an artist from Alicante. Elena’s link with the university institution goes back a long way; two years before the inauguration of the museum she joined the list of artists who generously donated pieces for the creation of the MUA’a future collection.

This exhibition, curated by UA lecturer in Sociology of Culture and Arts Juan Antonio Roche Cárcel, is another important achievement in the relationship between the UA and Elena Aguilera. The show is complemented by a magnificent catalogue, in which Irene Ballester and Laura Cornejo, PhDs in Art History, as well as Juan Antonio Roche and Elena Aguilera herself, have contributed with their texts.

Due to the large format canvases of the exhibited paintings, it was decided that the presentation of the catalogue would take place a few days after the opening, so that the set in the Sempere exhibition hall would be documented. It was a wise decision because it is in the exhibition hall where Elena Aguilera’s works can be appreciated.

The title of the exhibition ‘Donde se nace, donde se muere’ refers to the transit of existence, which in the case of Elena Aguilera is a vital commitment to art. It is a way of looking, of thinking, of searching and finding oneself, an act of sincerity and self-knowledge that leads her to use line and colour (indissoluble) as an expression of her sensations, feelings and ideas, as calligraphies of living.

The title also evokes the place where magic of creation appears, which in Aguilera’s case is undoubtedly her studio. A large part of the time she spends in it is time for meditation, relaxation, concentration and calm; because, when she is creating, many of the moments are of non-action, serenity, contemplation and reflection.

The exhibition consists of twenty paintings and a video made between 2019 and 2021, structured around four thematic axes: the mountain, the nest, the river and the tree. These four elements become symbols of human existence in general, but also of the subjective experience of the artist herself.

In short, these are works that move between abstraction and figuration, between the landscape and the emotional impulse. An invitation to penetrate Elena Aguilera’s soul, an immersion into her intimate, suggestive melancholic and silent world.


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