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9th La Alcudia Classical Theatre Festival

Translated by Andrea Herrera Cózar

16 June 2021 


This year is the 25th anniversary of the creation of the Alcudia University Foundation for Archeological Research and we will enjoy the  9th La Alcudia Classical Theatre Festival, organised by the University of Alicante and the Foundation. The programme includes seven theatrical performances that will take place between 14 and 23 July 2021.The plays will be performed by four professional theatre clubs and three educational theatre groups that use myths and legends about the Greco-Roman tradition from both classical and contemporary visions. There will also be more modern comedies and dramas in which expressiveness and experimentation on the stage are a must.

Patrocina: Valencia Region GovernmentRegional Department of Education, Culture and Sports, Valencian Institute for Culture, Alicante Provincial Council and Elche City Council.


Educational theatre performances
  • Wednesday 14 July - 9.30 pm (Inauguration)
    MEDEA University of Alicante Theatre Club - €5  
  • Thursday 15 July – 10 pm
    LEONARDO , Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) Theatre Club - €5
  • Friday 16 July – 10 pm – Cancelled
    IFIGENIA EN ÁULIDE La Nave Argo, Inmaculada Jesuitas School in Alicante Theatre Club - €5
  Professional theatre performances

Tickets, schedule and information:

Ticket sales with pre-assigned seats (available from 21 June 2021 until the start of each activity), only on the website:

Doors open at 8pm. Theatrical performances at 10pm.

COVID security measures: There will be 250 seats available (230 double for people living together and 20 single seats). The use of masks is mandatory.

 Further information:

- PIC (Information  Culture Service. Auditorium patio - number 11 on the  map). Tel. 965.90.37.25  

- L'Alcúdia Arqueological Site, Partida Alzabares, 03290, Elche (Alicante), 966 61 15 06 - -

Libreto del IX Festival de Teatro Clásico de L'Alcúdia


 Wednesday 14 July - 9.30 pm

MEDEA , University of Alicante Theatre Club

The UA Theatre Club classical group, directed by Xiomara Wanden-Berghe, presents Medea, based on Andrés Lima’s version of Séneca’s texts.

The play offers a new vision of darkness and a helpless woman who rejects the compassion of others and, above all, self-pity. An experience that invites us to immerse ourselves in the universe of a human being who has felt pain and despair.

In the awards of the 5th National University Theatre Festival 2020 Medea  obtained nominations for best staging, best direction, best audiovisual, best supporting actress and best leading actress, and won the awards for best leading actress and supporting actress, Samara Campaña, as Medea, and Aitana García San Juan, as Corifea, respectively.

Further information about Medea

In Catalan - Tickets €5- Duration: 60 minutes




 Thursday 15 July - 10 pm

LEONARDO , Miguel Hernández University (UMH) of Elche Thatre Club

The Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) Theatre Club, directed by Adán Rodríguez, presents Leonardo , a dramatic adaptation of Bodas de sangre , by Federico García Lorca.

Leonardo faces a double conflict that will decide his future. Lovelessness and hatred between two families who are at odds over blood crimes.

In Spanish - Tickets €5- Duration: 80 minutes



Friday 16 July - 10 pm

IFIGENIA EN ÁULIDE , La Nave Argo, Inmaculada Jesuitas School Theatre Club


La Nave Argo premiered Ifigenia en Áulide in 2015 and was performed in many different places. In 2020 the company wanted to give it a new focus and now it is the central project.

 La Nave Argo  is a youth theatre group founded in 2010 at the Inmaculada Jesuitas School in Alicante, directed by Marién Navarro, Carlos Aragüez and Fernando Nicolás. Most of their productions have a Greco-Roman theme. They have received awards in several editions of the Talía Festival in Valencia, in the Greco-Roman Theatre National Contest, in the Greco-Roman Theatre Provincial Festival of Alicante, in the Buero Awards Coca-cola experience and in the national amateur Prima Festum Festival.

Further information about Ifigenia en Áulide

In Spanish - Tickets €5- Duration: 70 minutes




Tuesday 20 July - 10 pm


“Let’s play the game of love. It is a classic game. As old as mankind. So it is not strange that five centuries ago Shakespeare already drew a picture so close to our days. In the game of love everything is possible: the strong can become the weak; the nobleman, a commoner; the master, a servant… the roles are shared out and changed as in a masked ball. We will laugh out loud at the strategies, rumours and ingenious tricks of these characters who play at falling in love. But what happens when the game suddenly becomes serious?”

Molt de Soroll per no res premiered at the L'Agrícola Theatre in Alboraia in 2017. It is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic Much Ado About Nothing, which bring us closer to the English writer.

The valencian theatre company Teatre de l'Abast , directed by Mario Fangolini, was founded in 2016, after years of training and research in physical theatre and movement. It is one of the youngest professional theatre club in the Region of Valencia, committed to experimenting with different disciplines to turn each of its productions into a unique piece. 

Further information about Molt de Soroll per no res

In Catalan - Tickets €12- Duration: 90 minutes




Wednesday 21 July - 10 pm

CAYO CÉSAR , Atakama Creatividad Cultural

Cayo César, is a one-act drama by Agustín Muñoz Sanz, produced by Agustín Muñoz Sanz, produced by  Atakama Creatividad Cultural for the 66th Classical Theatre of Merida International Festival, directed by Jesús Manchón.

The play deals with the life of the third Roman emperor and heir of Tiberius, Gaius Caesar, better known as Caligula. It presents a thoughtless, capricious, histrionic, extravagant, cruel, vengeful and immoral character. A madman who ruled for almost 5 years terrorising the elites of Rome and the people with his grave decisions, exercising power without scruples. Gaius Caesar was not mad, he just wanted power. A narcissistic psychopath who ruled the destiny of the most powerful Empire of his time. 

The model of the governor that the author proposes serves him to reflect on the evil and the consequences of a power without limits, and to convey his concern to the spectator. An old issue from the imperial era, before and after, which is still relevant in the 21st century.

The Company of Cáceres Atakama Creatividad Cultural Theatre Club has been working for more than seventeen years in the world of animation, theatre and entertainment. From children's theatre to adult theatre, with a special emphasis on educational theatre, the group has taken their work to a large part of Spain and to Latin American countries such as Chile, Argentina and Cuba.

In Spanish - Tickets €12- Duration: 75 minutes




Thursday 22 July - 10 pm

MILES GLORIOSUS, Teatro de Papel Producciones S.L.

Teatro de Papel presents this play by Plauto, whith version and direction by Claudio Martín. It was premiered at the 13th Regina Theatre Festival (Casas de la Reina, Badajoz).

The swaggering soldier, Pirgopolinices, becomes involved in a series of entanglements because of the kidnapping of an Athenian courtesan, whose lover is staying in the neighbouring house. The soldier's slave has cut a hole in the partition wall so that the two lovers can be together, but they are seen kissing by the foolish Sceledrus. This situation triggers a series of comical confrontations between the characters, who are only trying to get out of the problem.

The Teatro de Papel  Theatre Club, originated in Badajoz, has actors with more than 20 years of experience in the world of theatre, as well as a team that has received numerous nominations and awards in recognition of their career. Its selection of plays is based on authors of the stature of Lope de Rueda, Eugene Süe, Oscar Wilde, Alejandro Casona and Edmond Rostand. 

Further information about Miles Gloriosus

In Spanish - Tickets €12- Duration: 100 minutes




Friday 23 July - 10 pm

BURLAS DE AMOR DE DOÑA BARROCO , Coribante Producciones

Coribante Producciones Theatre Club, directed by José María del Castillo, presents this amusing musical comedy of entanglements, love, laughter and misadventures based on works from the Spanish Golden Age by Lope de Vega and Calderón de la Barca.

Lady Barroco's father wants to marry his young daughter to the elderly Duke of Tordesillas. In order to avoid this, Lady Barroco tells her father that she is in love with a handsome knight and that her love is reciprocated, but the knight... does not exist! Lady Barroco and her servants begin a quest to find the perfect candidate to save her future. Masked dates, gallants who are not what they seem, ramshackle servants and lots of madness will bring to life this homage to the great classics of Spanish theatre.

Coribante Producciones was founded in Sevilla, in 2011, by José María del Castillo. It has had successful performances at the Festival de Teatro de Mérida and the Certamen de Teatro Garnacha de Rioja, among others, as well as awards and nominations at important theatre festivals.

Further information about Burlas de amor de Doña Barroco

In Spanish - Tickets €12- Duration: 90 minutes





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