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UA's Travelling Exhibitions, a major dissemination project

Translated by Andrea Herrera Cózar

Alicante, 1 June 2021

By Paula Coronel Orellana


The dissemination of culture and knowledge, together with teaching and research, is one of the fundamental roles of the contemporary universities. In this sense, the University of Alicante, through its university extracurricular activities, contributes to democratising culture and disseminating knowledge to the surrounding society.

The UA’s travelling exhibition programme has emerged as an exhibition project open to everyone. The initiative dates to more than a decade ago, since 2012 it has kept today’s organisation and drive. The exhibitions can be requested and booked by public institutions completely free of charge, making them accessible to cultural and educational centres, town councils and other organisations. Over the years, the number of requests has increased, as well as the number of exhibitions available. The catalogue offers a wide variety of themes classified in blocks: history, gender, science, literature, sports, humour, etc. On certain dates, some exhibitions are in greater demand, such as Women’s Day, the Day Against Gender Violence, Book Day, etc.

The exhibition proposals come from different sources; UA faculties, different departments and lecturers have curated exhibitions on history, science or art. The Democracy Archive has generated important exhibitions that are constantly being moved from one place to another, and the Women’s Studies Centre has added several of the most exclusive exhibitions.

The travelling exhibitions have boosted the integration of the University of Alicante in the counties of Alicante through its venues and off-campus culture halls, and due to its success, the number of institutions applying has been growing in terms of variety and geographical distance. Town councils and cultural centres from all over the country participate among the regular applicants. In the last five years there has been a strong incorporation of educational institutes of the province, which have seen these exhibitions as the best way to provide high-quality dissemination events at their centres with a minimum cost.

Currently, there are several exhibitions on display in different locations: at the Clarisas Cultural Centre in Elche De súbditas a ciudadanas. España 1965-1995, in the Mare Nostrum secondary school in Alicante Cervantes y Shakespeare: Dos genios universalesEl final de la Guerra Civil en Alicante. Represión y exilio exhibited in the Novelda off-campus culture hall, and many more. The itinerancy of the exhibitions is constant because many of them end their exhibition in one place to go to another. This is the case of Contra las reglas and Privamera Musical, exhibited this semester at the UA and which have already been booked to be exhibited at the Onil off-campus culture hall and Benisa venue. 

Catalina Iliescu Gheorghiu, Vice President for Culture, Sports, Languages and Extracurricular Activities, talks about the UA’s Travelling Exhibitions Programme


"Contra las reglas: lesbianas, gais, transexuales y bisexuales en el deporte" (Against the rules: lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual people in sport)

From 17 to 31 May 2021, in the UA Sports Centre, “Contra las reglas” (Against the rules) was exhibited to mark the celebration of the day against homophobia and transphobia. Inspired by an exhibition of the Federación Arcoiris (Rainbow Federation), the UA Office of the Vice President for Corporate Social Responsibility, Inclusion and Gender Equality and the Office of the Vice President for Culture, Sports and Languages, designed a new format with information, curiosities and biographies that makes visible the realities of the LGBT collective in the sports world.

Further information about "Contra las reglas".

Juan David Santiago, technician of the UA Culture and Language Dissemination, talks about "Against the rules: LGBT in sport"


"Primavera Musical - La música valenciana reviscola"

The Languages Service has recently launched the exhibition “Primavera Musical” (Spring festival), which takes a look at the last two decades of music in Valencian. This is a current issue that also promotes the dissemination of the Catalan language and cultural plurality in the region, one of the commitments of the University of Alicante.

Further information about “Primavera Musical”.

David García Sirvent, technician of the UA Languages Service, talks about the exhibition "#PrimaveraMusical. La música valenciana reviscola"




the rules: lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual people in sport)


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