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  • Antoni Miró Research Chair Exhibition from July to September 2021

Antoni Miró Research Chair Exhibition from July to September 2021

Translated by Andrea Herrera Cózar

Alicante, 1 July 2021

Antoni Miró Research Chair launches three new exhibitions in Alcoy from July to September 2021 on a socio-educational approach to the work of Antoni Miró at the Ovidi Montllor Centre; on exile and struggle at the Alcoy Cultural Centre, and on art times at the Sant Jordi fish market. 


"Som artistes. Un enfocament socioeducatiu vers l'obra d'Antoni Miró"

A group of women called Som Artistes have focused on both the recognised and recognisable elements of Antoni Miró’s work, the community feeling, the people who surround us every day, what brings us closer. It is a socio-educational experience that began in 2019 and continued throughout 2020, as part of a project sponsored by the UA Antoni Miró Chair on Contemporary Art.


The exhibition reflects the process carried out through various workshops with different themes on social, cultural, educational and artistic approaches of the artist from Alcoy Antonio Miró. Women from different nationalities and continents (African, American and European) met in a common space of communication: Art. The group evolved thanks to a shared dialogue based on the artist’s paintings, which led them to a reflection and creation of new realities with the collective construction of their stories.

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"De l'exili i la lluita"

The exhibition De l'exili i la lluita that Luis Ardevínez presents, belongs to his private collection and reflects the capacity of the visual artists to delight and make society think.


The exhibition aims to recover the historical memory of art and help us reflect on a clear ethical behaviour that was absent during the Franco’s regime, remembering those artists who had to go into exile and also those who stayed and fought against the dictatorship, denouncing injustice and committing themselves to movements for change and freedom. Generous artists that wanted to bring art to the people, making it accessible through graphic work. Works by Goya, Solana, Joan Miró, F. Mateos, J. Renau, R. Alberti, Benjamín Palencia, Tàpies, Tharrats, Canogar, A. Suárez, Juana Francés, Feito, José Vento, Joan Genovés, Andreu Alfaro, E. Sempere, Michavila, R. Zamorano, Salvador Sora, E. Boix, R. Casamada, M. Girona, C. Aguilera, J. Ortega, Guinovart, Gustavo Torner, Yturralde, A. López, Amalia Avia, Carme Jorques, Constante Gil, Castejón, Andrés Cillero, Anzo, Arroyo, Equip Crònica, Equipo Realitat, Sento Masià and Antoni Miró.

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"Temps d'Art"
Pep Cantó / Jaume Cremades / Andreu Alcaraz

  • From 15 July to 29 September 2021
  • Tuesday to Friday from 11.30am. to 13.30pm. and from 5.30pm. to 8.30pm. Sunday from 11.30am. to13.30pm.
  • Sant Jordi fish market in Alcoy

Artists Andreu Alcaraz with Memorial, el recuerdo del momento, Pep Cantó with Pinturas del alma, pinturas de vida and Jaume Cremades with Étymon, won the UA Antoni Miró Research Chair in Contemporary Art awards in 2020 for exhibition production. The works of these three painters, with their singularities and brand new risky exhibition, make up the resulting one, which was shown for the first time in the University of Alicante Museum (MUA) El Cub exhibition hall from 25 September to November 2020.

Pep Cantó has a degree in Design Advertising from the School of Arts and Crafts in Alcoy. He is an ornithologist and naturalist by training, a naturalist painter and environmental educator by profession. He calls for the struggle for social rights with his Pintures de l'ànima, pintures de vida now and 80 years ago. His paintings denounce social injustices, showing the struggle for gender equality and homophobia showing the horrifying consequences of the waves of migration, and of course, paintings that emerge from these lockdowns that has marked society and our lives today.

Jaume Cremades graduated in Fine Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Carlos in Valencia and holds a Master's degree in Artistic Production from the same faculty. His research work questions our preconceived and conditioned vision of reality. Exploring our most instinctive being through pictorial abstraction is the most recurrent theme of his creation, nature being a source of inspiration and the origin of his work. The artist aims to allow the viewer to return to the intuitive origin of what we are, establishing new associations that change and broaden our perception of things and our relationship and connection with them.

Andreu Alcaraz graduated in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and holds a Master's degree in Artistic Production from the same university, as well as a Master's degree in Secondary Education Teaching from the University of Valencia. The Memorial collection is a journey into the past, an attempt to recover memories. Childhood is considered to be the happiest and most innocent stage of our lives, and yet the events that took place at that time, faded in our memory with the passing of time. Through fragments acquired from VHS tapes recorded and stored by different Valencian families, a game of reminiscences is performed in which the spectator can feel identified, delving into the small narratives represented and thus recall those special moments.

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